Your Team’s All-In-One Solution

Use CANDID, the all-in-one ecosystem that consolidates all your needs, replaces your fragmented technology stack, and empowers your mortgage business so you can focus on what matters most—success.


Designed For Enterprise.

CRM + AI + Data

Experience the transformative power of CANDID’s proven CRM tools: with seamless data capture, document collection, and automated communication, we facilitate enduring borrower relationships.

Enhanced Team Synergy

Foster a unified team as our ecosystem boosts coordination and productivity through automated task management, mobile access and cross-channel communication.

Automated Marketing

Redefine your marketing strategy with hands-free marketing automation, enabling your brand to consistently engage with a wider audience while maintaining a personal touch.

Actionable Insights

Visualize and track how your business is doing from the top down with custom real-time, advanced analytics and clear visualizations.

Enhance Relationships With Borrowers.

Dynamically Branded POS

Seamless, two-way communication with instant referral partner alerts, real-time referral partner portal updates, intelligent team assignments, and unparalleled precision in populating essential documents.

Borrower Intelligence & Automated Client Engagements

A suite of brandable features so Originators offer a personalized client experience at scale to continually drive borrower engagement.


Realtor and client portals offer a range of powerful tools, including dynamic pre-approval letters, real time updates, scenarios, one-click referrals, and more.


Offer clients clear and comprehensive, personalized loan options to make confident home financing decisions.

Create Top Producers.

Create Top Producers

Marketing Toolbox

This customized suite streamlines mass emails, SMS, and video messaging, while the email template builder ensures brand-aligned communication.


LO Sites

Leave a lasting impression with a personally brandable website for each Loan Officer, featuring real-time social feeds and top-rated reviews consistent with their digital presence.

Online Reputation Management

Showcase and amplify reviews on social media with automated distribution.

Scenario Based, Omni-Channel Marketing Communication

Optimize conversion rate with pre-designed scenario-based messages delivered via SMS and email.


From $6 million/yr to $250 million/yr

I knew that Rocket Mortgage wasn’t using a spreadsheet to manage their business, so why was I? CANDID was the technology behind my personal production growth from $6 million/year to $250 million/year.

—Garrett L., Top 1% LO

One Platform,
All Your Needs

It’s time to move away from the multi-vendor model and transition to a modern, streamlined ecosystem that caters to all your business needs.

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CANDID is guaranteed to WOW your clients and referral partners. Its AI technology puts business on your lap and its task management function makes sure nothing falls through the cracks, this alone has made using this system worthwhile, hands down the best CRM I have ever used.

—Kevin O., Top 1% LO

CANDID automates updates and communications with borrowers and realtors, and has helped bring refinance business and repeat referrals to me that I don’t have time to seek out due to the volume of incoming business. My database works itself instead of me having to find time to work my database!

—Dana M., Top 1% LO

Implementing CANDID has been a game changer. Not only is it the most intuitive CRM I have ever used, the pipeline management from contract to close has created efficiencies that allow my team to exponentially convert and close more business. Definitely worth the investment and an integral tool I can’t imagine living without.

—Kim W., Top 1% LO

I send a video with a screen share going over the Realtor Portal to every new agent relationship. It’s been great.

—Brian L., Top 1% LO

For me, it was a one stop shop. My entire team could use it to connect as a CRM, manage our pipeline, communicate updates with realtors and borrowers via text, and numerous other things that we were doing manually.

—Adrian H., Top 1% LO

I just got a preapproval by calling a 6 month old nurture lead + I called his agent to let her know and she had another lead for me! Candid Auto Tasks rock!

—Jasmine K., Top 1% LO

Check out my friends over at – the best software out there in the mortgage space right now.

—Tim D., Mortgage Exec

What you have built has no comparison to anything on the market currently.

—Charlie F., President of Remarkable Mortgage

I just want to say that the service level on Candid is amazing! I mean the software is cool as hell but the fact that we can customize it is out of this world.

—Byran M., Top 1% LO

Candid has become an unexpected recruiting tool for me. To be able to SHOW a new loan officer that the software will do ALL the heavy lifting…We’re striving for 50M this year—which is totally doable and wouldn’t have been pre-candid.

—Adrian H., Top 1% LO

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