A Deep Dive into Scenarios: Elevate Your Loan Estimates

Are you still using a traditional loan process where loan estimates (LEs) are buried in spreadsheets or presented in a static, unbranded format?

Do you find it challenging to provide materials that actually help communicate mortgage options effectively to your clients, without leaving them feeling confused and overwhelmed?

Are your LE’s impersonal, static and unbranded like this one?

Loan Estimate

Traditional loan estimates have long been plagued by their lack of interactivity and personalization. Loan originators (LOs) often find themselves buried in spreadsheets, trying to decipher complex financial data and convey it to their clients in a meaningful way. Meanwhile, clients are left scratching their heads, struggling to make sense of the numbers and the implications for their financial future.

CANDID has introduced a first-ever, brand-immersive mortgage presentation experience, seamlessly integrated into the client’s portal.

With CANDID, loan originators can elevate their loan estimates to new heights, providing clients with a beautifully crafted environment online for exploring their mortgage options.

So, what sets CANDID apart from the traditional LEs? Here are just a few ways it transforms the mortgage presentation process:

Dynamic and Interactive

Say goodbye to static, unbranded LEs. With CANDID, loan originators can create dynamic presentations that can be edited in real-time. This means no more outdated spreadsheets or confusing paperwork. Instead, clients can interact with the information in a visually appealing and intuitive online environment.

Comparative Analysis

CANDID allows loan originators to compare different loan types and options side by side. Whether it’s comparing loan types, down payments, or different rates, clients can easily see how each option stacks up against the others, so they can make informed decisions about their mortgage.

Automated Updates

With CANDID, staying in sync with clients has never been easier, automatically sending emails and text updates whenever a new scenario is created or updated. This ensures that clients are always kept in the loop and can access the latest information about their mortgage options.

Insightful Analytics

CANDID doesn’t just empower clients—it also provides valuable insights for loan originators themselves. The platform tracks client interactions, letting LOs know if borrowers have viewed or engaged with a scenario.

If you’re ready to take your loan estimates to the next level and deliver an unparalleled mortgage experience, schedule a demo with CANDID today