CANDID Scenarios: Mortgage Estimates Beautifully Simplified

Mortgage presentation experience feature: Scenarios

Picture this: a couple sits anxiously at their kitchen table, surrounded by a sea of loan estimate papers. A new email pings. Another loan estimate on a spreadsheet. The confusion surrounding mortgage options has left them feeling utterly lost.

Clients are bombarded with industry jargon, intricate details, and a myriad of choices.

As a loan originator, how do you avoid this situation and you stand out from the crowd? How do you make talking through mortgage estimates easier?

Meet Scenarios, CANDID’s game changing new feature release, designed to revolutionize the way you guide homebuyers through mortgage presentation experience by speaking their language and instantly standing out with your branding front and center.

Three key features:

1. Custom Mortgage Comparisons with Visuals:

Effortlessly present custom mortgage comparisons and pricing using clear and simple visuals using your branding, making it easy for your clients to understand the benefits of each scenario like lower down payment versus lower monthly cost. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about creating an engaging and transparent experience that keeps you top of mind.

Crafting becomes a breeze as AI-assisted form filling allows the creation of each Scenario in 30 seconds or less, drawing real-time data from the client’s profile.

2. Sort by Preferred Scenarios

With Scenarios, you have the power to tailor your presentations based on your clients’ preferences. Add custom names to highlight the difference options in front of them. Whether they’re leaning towards low-interest rates, a fast payoff, or minimizing cash to close, the ability to customize scenarios ensures that you deliver information that resonates with them.

CANDID makes it a breeze to turn scenarios into printable PDFs with a detailed breakdown of costs. Now, your clients can take home a personalized summary of their mortgage journey.

3. Automated SMS & Email Notifications 

Whenever you create or update a Scenario for your client, CANDID automatically sends and email and text message to notify their Client Portal has updated. You’ll also receive a notification when they’ve accessed their Scenarios, so you know their status without having to ask.

4. Create A Scenario in less than 30 seconds

With AI-assisted form filling, crafting a Scenario from scratch takes no more than 30 seconds. Swiftly generate and modify scenarios to stay aligned with client discussions, offering real-time data and cost comparisons.

Go beyond the traditional mortgage presentation and offer interactive experiences in less than a minute. We know standing out as a loan originator isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. CANDID’s scenarios feature, with custom visuals, and printable breakdowns, real time updates offers loan originators the chance to be more than just a lender to their clients. Become a storyteller, a problem solver, and a trusted advisor.

Schedule a demo today and see how CANDID can transform your client interactions,

Your clients deserve a mortgage experience that speaks their language. Deliver it, with CANDID.