3 Types of Mortgage CRM and Which to Choose

So, your business is on a roll, and everyone’s chanting the tech mantra: “invest in technology, get a CRM, go online!” Cool, but hold up – what even is a CRM, and how on earth do you choose the right one? Today, we’re diving into the three main types of CRM and navigate the CRM world and figure out which one is your business’ biggest need right now. 

Operational CRM: Boosting Efficiency in Mortgage Processes

Operational CRM is like your personal assistant for handling the everyday stuff in mortgage operations. Especially client facing interactions. It’s there to make your life easier by automating sales, marketing, and service tasks.  Automation is one of the most important features of a CRM that can improve your business functions in countless ways. Namely, saving you time. You will save 1000s of hours by automating sending update emails and reaching back out to past clients. 

For folks in the mortgage game, this means more quality time for chatting with clients and calling up old Realtor partners to see if they have a business for you. An operational CRM will help you focus on big-picture plans. Take a look at features like contact management, lead tracking, and workflow automation 

Collaborative CRM: Enhancing Teamwork for Seamless Client Experiences

Collaborative CRM steps in to bring all your teams – think processors, LOAs, marketing, admin specialists, and assistants – under one virtual roof. The cool part? They all get to share the same info, making sure everyone’s on the same page to deliver a stellar customer experience, no matter which department you’re in. 

In our new normal of work from home and office members scattered across the country, a digital CRM where the whole team can collaborate is essential for smooth and efficient workflows. 

Analytical CRM: Data-Driven Success in Mortgage Decision-Making

When you’re interested in growing your business, having an Analytical CRM system is a real game-changer. Here’s the deal – it’s not just about grabbing customer data; it’s about actually digging into that information to understand trends in your workflow and your customers better. It’s like having insider knowledge to tailor your strategies and really connect with borrowers.

And there’s more – an analytical CRM system is going to take your business planning to the next level. You can nail down key performance indicators, customer analytics, employee performance, sales analytics, and a bunch of other insights. You can actually know you’re coming from so you can plan where you’re going. 

Choosing the Right CRM for Mortgage Success:

When it comes to selecting the right CRM in the mortgage industry, why settle for just one type when you can invest in an ecosystem that does it all? Introducing CANDID – the marketing and sales ecosystem that’s more than just a CRM. 

With CANDID, you can smoothly operate your business with automation, keep the team collaborating seamlessly online, and rest easy knowing it securely gathers data. 

CANDID offers the ability to run your business seamless through automation, allow your team to collaborate online and around the clock and securely gathers data so you can gather key metrics around your growth. 

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