Candid is “a one stop shop”: Q&A with Loan Officer Adrian Hall

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Introducing Adrian Hall, a high volume loan officer based in Knoxville, TN.  Adrian and his team have been helping homebuyers navigate the mortgage process for over 10 years, joining CANDID in 2022.  Since making CANDID his chosen mortgage software, Adrian’s team and volume has seen rapid growth. We sat down with Adrian to find out what’s been working for him. 

Why did you decide to make CANDID your mortgage software?

For me, it was a one stop shop. My entire team could use it to connect as a CRM, manage our pipeline, communicate updates with realtors and borrowers via text, and numerous other things that we were doing manually. Before, we were using multiple systems and logins, and even an in person staff member doing these tasks.

It made sense to consolidate resources and remove the risk of error. I wish I did it sooner!

You’ve added 3 new members since being on CANDID! How come?

Candid has become an unexpected recruiting tool for me. To be able to SHOW a new loan officer that the team will do ALL the heavy lifting, so they can focus solely on selling and helping clients, truly takes a lot of the “scary” stuff away that stresses out even experienced loan officers. 

Not only has it been easy to promote to an incoming loan officer, it’s also freed up my time previously spent working on pipeline and post close management to educate others, instead.

How does CANDID support your team as it grows?

Just yesterday I casually had an idea that a phone-tree would help keep our incoming calls organized, and within minutes, the support team’s wheels were turning to establish it.

The CANDID team has onboarded every new teammate, made recommendations, and even did a “refresher” course to understand how we use CANDID and how we can finely tune our workflow.

Which features of CANDID do you use the most?

Agent notifications and pre qualification letters, by far. Letting my partners just “take control” and leave me out of it has given me back a TON of mental sanity.

What is different about your work process now you’re using CANDID than before?

List agents, even the ones I barely engaged with, are commenting on how far we stand out from the competition. Consistently.

What are your business goals for 2023?

We’re striving for 50M this year—which is totally doable and wouldn’t have been pre-candid.

Join Adrian Hall and the many other lending teams who use CANDID to consistently stand out to referral partners and grow their business. Schedule a demo to find out how CANDID can make your goals for 2023 a reality.