Are spreadsheets redundant in the modern tech world?

People throwing paper into a giant trash can

Spreadsheets have been a staple in the business world and we tip our hats to them. They’ve got us through some tough times and crunched some difficult numbers. But as the digital ecosystem keeps advancing, and there are more affordable, effective ways to organize and analyze data, it looks like spreadsheets are becoming obsolete in the workplace. 

So why are spreadsheets becoming redundant?

Spreadsheets are not scalable. 

While spreadsheets are useful for simple, domestic tasks like budgeting or tracking expenses, they become clumsy and error-prone when dealing with large data. High volumes of data slows the processing functions of spreadsheets and increases the chance of corruption.

CANDID is able to manage and structure unlimited data, with speed and security at the forefront throughout the development process. 

Spreadsheets are not that easy to use.

The user design of spreadsheets is pretty outdated. You’re met with thousands of cells ready for tedious data inputting. Plus, most spreadsheet tools require a knowledge of equations and formulas, as well as best practices, which is not an intuitive skill.

CANDID has been designed with user experience in mind. We’ve made our UI design clear, communications seamless and our Agent and Client Portal easy to use. The support team at Candid is ready at all times to guide users through using new features, fixing issues and answer any questions. 

Spreadsheets are not collaboration friendly.

Sharing functionality, multiple users and accessibility are all awkwardly difficult to achieve when using a spreadsheet. Merging files or tracking changes is time consuming. As our files get larger, the more we’re prone to error. 

CANDID was made to magnify the productivity of large lending teams. Every user’s profile is tied to their activity and communications, and we’ve differentiated between LO and LOA roles. Jumping in and out of files is slick and easy, combined with the ability to leave notes, assign tasks and files to preferred teammates, CANDID is built for teamwork.

Spreadsheets are just…spreadsheets.

Sure, if you spend a lot of your time researching you can probably turn all those data points into a graph. But why not do more?

Candid not only manages and stores data for you, but also analyzes the data and presents it as tangible visuals in real time. On top of your data management, CANDID automates your front end communications and post closing marketing, provides pipeline management and omni-channel communication.

CANDID is designed to grow your business, not just store it. 

CANDID can assist loan originators embrace the digital ecosystem and join the Top 1% of loan originators nationwide. We offer affordable computing power, unlimited data and advanced analytics. Is it time to move on from spreadsheets and enter the world of advanced technology? 

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