4 Email Marketing Mistakes That Kill Business

Figures putting out a fire on a computer

Did you know: 28% of work time is spent on email?

And that’s not including the time we’re on our emails OUTSIDE of work. Despite a huge shift toward marketing via social media, email marketing still remains the most effective tool for businesses. 

Still, marketing efforts can go horribly wrong, and even push business away. Get it right and your clients will feel informed, empowered and highly prioritized. Get it wrong and clients will feel like the end point of a lousy sales call.

Here are 4 marketing mistakes to avoid: 


If someone is talking generally to the people around them, it’s easy to tune out. If someone says your name directly, suddenly you’re all ears. It’s the same with emails. Including a client’s name in the subject and first line of the email certainly gets your message more attention (and doesn’t end up in a junk folder). It also helps to legitimize the business you already have, whether that’s a new referral or looking for repeat business.

In fact, the number one reason an email is opened is based on the sender’s name.

CANDID’s next-gen, multi-channel marketing software prefills clients’ names on all email communications. Mass marketing campaigns become localized with specific reference to the business with that client – whether that’s including their realtor or property address. No need to manually write the client’s name into each email, CANDID draws the information from your own database. 


You can curate the most perfect looking emails, with the right phrasing, imagery and links. But if you keep switching up your style, your clients eyes will either glaze over everything or simply unsubscribe, wondering why they were ever signed up in the first place. 

CANDID avoids this mistake by prefilling logos, signatures, and photos with your company’s branding. Every email, every time. Even CANDID’s pre-made email campaigns are dynamically colored to give communications a bespoke look. 


Too many mass emails come from third-party domains with no way of engaging or responding to them. Even if a client did make their own way to contact you, chances are you’d have no idea about which email engagement brought you to them.

CANDID solved this one, too. Not only is mass emailing sent from your actual work email, allowing clients to reply directly; all communications are logged in your client’s profile as well. A couple of clicks and you can find out exactly where each client is in their home financing process.


According to Constant Contact, 61% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. Emails that aren’t formatted correctly on mobiles are quickly thrown in the bin. 

CANDID emails are designed to be viewed easily on both phones and computers, and they are optimized for all email software, including Outlook, Gmail, and Apple

CANDID is designed to catch ALL these mistakes. It’s the mortgage platform you can trust to help grow your business. Schedule a demo today to see the industry’s best email marketing in action.