How CANDID helps Loan Officers build brand identity at scale

cartoons painting a computer screen

Never judge a book by its cover? Rubbish. That’s all we do.

Brand identity is the first thing we notice about the people we do business with, so your visual presence is one of the most important things to get right. 

CANDID’s user base is rapidly spreading nationwide as loan officers scale their business to handle larger loan volume – and not a single one of them has had to sacrifice their personal image. 

Here at CANDID, we’ve pre-programmed our advanced communications system to pre-fill signatures, logos and brand colors to accompany any email correspondence. 

Forget updating email templates and manually plugging in client and realtor names. CANDID’s automated system simply pre-fills signatures, logos, and brand color palettes, creating an effortless way to personalize client communications.

Every CANDID account has hundreds of email communications pre-loaded onto our system. Each email has been carefully crafted to speak the language of our clients, while each campaign has been organized for optimal client response. Messaging is simple, clear and personal. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Client portals, agent portals, mortgage applications are also dynamically branded to maintain a cohesive experience for your clients. So, client interaction is always reinforcing brand recognition.

From initial client contact to closing, no detail is left unchecked. The result is a smooth and consistent brand experience for everyone involved.

When it comes to your visual online presence, CANDID has thought of everything. Why choose between personality and technology when you can have both?

The end result? Better communication means better business.

Candid is the CRM that makes sense.