What’s in the CANDID Summer 2022 Release?

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CANDID Summer 2022 Release is our most ambitious and exciting update yet. The upgrade includes a first-of-its kind, dynamically branded Digital Mortgage Application, new Client and Realtor Portals, real time market insights and dual layered conversion rate data intelligence. 

Let’s explore each new update.


Digital Mortgage Application 

Mortgage technology stacks are highly fragmented. They produce a confusing experience for clients while being frustratingly inefficient for originators. That’s why we designed a dynamically branded Digital Mortgage Application built within CANDID’s ecosystem. 

The new Digital Mortgage Application offers clients a consistent experience by dynamically loading each user’s unique brand attributes onto the application page. This creates brand clarity, a single source of communication and ultimately, more referrals.

Because the Digital Mortgage Application exists in CANDID’s own ecosystem, data fields like contact information and items needed are populated immediately, eliminating double entry work and saving valuable time.

The new client portal and Realtor portal are also updated in real time, further enhancing CANDID’s leading referral partner automated communication.


Client Portal 

Candid’s dynamically branded Client Portal ensures each originator’s brand remains consistent even beyond their clients’ mortgage application experience. 

The Client Portal, which now includes client “Tasks”, features a secure document upload environment that natively interfaces with CANDID’s client file management system. With a few clicks, clients can directly populate their profile with required documents. With Tasks, Candid users can also request HOI contact information. When the client responds, Candid automatically orders the HOI Declaration page without any user interaction. 

Additional features include 24/7 client access to up-to-date downloadable Pre-Approval Letters, credit monitoring and automated mortgage and closing cost estimates. 


Realtor Portal 

Candid’s Realtor Portal now features client specific mortgage and closing cost estimates, an easy-access new referrals system plus referral SMS and email engagements. Realtors also have 24/7 access to update and download Pre-Approval Letters. The dynamic Pipeline view is mobile friendly for Realtors on-the-go. 

This cutting edge Realtor Portal has been crafted to instantly meet Realtor needs and grow users’ reputations in their marketplace. Seamlessly Realtors are provided with pre-approval letters and process updates on demand. Now, originators will be offering their Realtor partners immense competitive advantages. 


Data Intelligence 

Candid now offers crucial, real time market data, giving users insight into average rate locks and national rate trends. This powers CANDID’s industry leading refinance algorithm and automated client SMS and email engagement system. 

Candid supplies enhanced data intelligence, giving users powerful information to drive business decisions, inform automated internal task scheduling and more. 


When we said it’s our most exciting update yet, we weren’t kidding.