CANDID across the country: 4 features to optimize your team’s collaboration

Work from home is the new normal. We’re setting up our offices from our dining tables and taking meetings on the couch and CANDID is ready to oblige. Working with a team that spans different time zones becomes a lot easier with a multifunctional CRM, SMS platform, and optional VOIP phone integrations. CANDID is easy to access and simple to navigate. So everyone stays on the same page.

Task Allocations

Say goodbye to email explanations and to-do lists – allocating tasks is the most efficient way to keep your team moving. CANDID automatically generates tasks when a client moves to a new stage in the pipeline, and team members have the ability to create custom tasks  and assign to anyone on the platform.

New Task: pick up donuts for lunch – sounds about right.

SMS and Optional Phone Integrations

As part of your complete CANDID interface system, you can text each client with ease from one local number. With dynamic integrations, CANDID also allows the ability to integrate with numerous VOIP providers as an all-in-one solution. Text conversations are shown on the client page, so any team member can send a message or take over a conversation. We’ve found clients especially responsive to texting so we’ve automated our messages to make communication even snappier. 

Hey borrower, how’s the home search going?

Activity Log

Continue to communicate with your team as you work on a file. Log calls and leave notes so all the information is as up to date as possible. CANDID also auto updates in real time, so your team won’t miss a beat.

Follow up for intro – Monday call scheduled

Pipeline View

When jumping in and out of loans, our pipeline view shows exactly which stage each client is at, and what is required next. This means anyone on the team can take queries and questions over the phone, or take on new cases midway to completion. No more “getting up to speed”, you’re in the know from the get-go.


CANDID knows the modern office can be set up a little differently these days, so its refined interface keeps the team seamlessly connected. Without missing a beat, grow your loan volume wherever you are. That’s why CANDID is a CRM that makes sense.