CANDID Announces Filing of U.S Patent Application


CANDID has filed an application for a provisional patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Our innovative approach has helped the top loan officers in the industry effectively and seamlessly scale up their businesses. Now, we’re seeking to protect this secret sauce to success with an official patent.

What is CANDID?

CANDID is the only CRM built for the Modern Loan Originator to help structure, manage, and grow their $100m/year businesses. From lead to contract to close, CANDID provides a quicker, more efficient approach to home financing and marketing.

With our CRM software:

  • All parties in the loan process stay in sync with cross-channel communication
  • Task management becomes effortless with automation
  • Repeat business is generated with personalized marketing using your client data
  • Artificial Intelligence empowers your business

How It Works

CANDID uses artificial intelligence to automate the home finance journey from start to finish. It also provides an enhanced post-closing experience for both clients and your referral partners.

The benefits of CANDID show its value before clients even step through your door. Our advanced CRM software utilizes multi-channel communication and your data from prior clientele to reach out to clients on their terms, via their preferred channels, whether that’s text or email. This cutting-edge approach helps catalyze new and repeat business for your team.

From there, CANDID automates the process of generating pre-approval letters, with the opportunity for partner realtors to access and create custom letters, including closing cost estimates. While this process is underway, CANDID’s realtor-client dashboards will keep your partners in the loop with regard to their clients’ financing approval status.

CANDID further streamlines the process by enabling you to order titles, homeowner’s insurance and provide instant updates to all parties in a project with just one click. Plus, daily tasks can be automated and assigned to key members to keep the entire team working in sync.

Start Working Smarter

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