Why Your Current Marketing Efforts are Killing Past Client Relationships


Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a subject line like ‘5 Favorite Fall Recipes’ or ‘93 Reasons to Refinance Today!’ drop into my inbox. It’s cold. It’s impersonal. Just seeing them in my inbox makes my eyes glaze over.

The unfortunate truth for many well-intentioned marketing campaigns is that your clients feel the same way.

Contrary to popular belief – and decades-old marketing strategies – sending mass anything is counterproductive. Mass marketing annoys your clients, harms your relationships, and eventually erodes trust. Worst of all, you’re actually training your clients to tune you out.

For example, think about your connections with close friends. Were those built on mass mailers or well-produced videos? Probably not. Your relationships are built on authentic, frequent, meaningful interactions.

Relationships With Clients Should Be No Different

Let’s look at birthdays, for example. It’s a no-brainer to send a handwritten birthday card to a friend. Why not do the same for your clients?

The key to building authentic relationships with clients is to communicate with them as an individual. Make your customers feel like the main event – and stop making them feel like another face in the crowd.

Is That Even Possible to Do at Scale?

It is, if you have the right tool.

CANDID is the only Customer Relations Management tool that helps Modern Loan Originators grow their business while also growing personal relationships with each and every one of their customers.

CANDID’s features are designed to keep you at the forefront of your customers’ minds – not at the bottom of their spam folders.

From celebrating your client’s birthday with an automated, co-branded, handwritten card delivered via USPS, to celebrating home anniversaries and increases in their home’s value, CANDID’s automated marketing creates personal interactions for every single client, every time.