Behind-the-Scenes of an AI-Powered Pipeline Manager for a $225m/yr. Mortgage Team


At 9:00am Monday morning, our team steps into the office.

They have their coffees in hand, and they are ready to take on the day. We should have been gathered around the conference table to review our pipeline, delegate tasks, make sure all files are on track and put a call out to operations. At the very least, someone should have been working over the weekend to get the pipeline in order before the work week begins.

We do none of the above, and we close around 65 units per month.

By the time we get to the office each morning, the following have already taken place:

  • A ratelock analysis has been completed and reminders were scheduled to extend necessary ratelocks
  • CD deadline alerts are received by team members to ensure CDs are sent out in time for close
  • Each team member has their daily tasks scheduled for them, in order of priority
  • POAs have been requested
  • Title and HOI have been ordered


The secret is: CANDID’s AI Pipeline Manager completes the above tasks automatically each morning. Each and every member of our team knows exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it. There is no guesswork involved, and no going over a spreadsheet with a fine-tooth comb. In short, CANDID plans, processes, schedules, requests and orders everything our team needs to start off their workday.

Without a doubt, CANDID’s AI Pipeline Manager allows us to maintain the loan volume that we do and ultimately drives our $225m/yr business to the successful heights it reaches.

-Garrett Locklear, $225 million/year LO