The Technology Behind the Numbers: From $6m to $117m in 7 Years


Imagine your loan volume increasing by 300% within a year of starting in the business of loans. Those are huge numbers, right? That’s what happened to me, and I’m sharing that story here.

From the outside, it looked like smooth sailing. In reality, I constantly felt like I was fighting to keep my head above water. When you experience that much growth in so little time, a new challenge presents itself: continuing an upward trajectory, at scale.

In the months to follow, I soon realized there was a clear disconnect between the standard practices of the industry and the scalability I needed in my business. The largest loan originator in the country, Quicken Loans, sure wasn’t using a spreadsheet to run their business operations. If I wanted to survive and succeed, neither could I.

For six months, I explored many CRM platforms on the market. To my disappointment, none of them met the basics of what I needed them to do. That’s when I decided to build my own.

Enter CANDID: the only CRM built for the Modern Loan Originator that helps structure, manage and grow their $100m/year businesses.  From CANDID’s launch to date, we have produced 15,426 automated approval letters, mailed 5,732 automated handwritten birthday cards and created 4,128 automated refinance engagements with clients.

Now, seven years since launch, my production has grown by 1,851%! I now rank in the top 250 originators in the country, and I am surrounded by those who have been in the mortgage industry two to three times longer than I have.

If you are serious about growing your business faster, with more structure and superior technology, CANDID is your solution.