Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Spend Time Working Your Database

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Spend Time Working Your Database


Here is an invitation to a work event that made me cringe. “Call Night from 5pm to 7pm. Free Pizza!”

There are very few things that will cause me to turn down free pizza, but wasting my time making mind-numbingly inefficient and ineffective phone calls to past clients is one of them.

Sure, having a “call night” might bring in a few refinance deals in exchange for two hours of your time, but I would argue that they are not worth your time. In fact, any form of “working your database” should really be a thing of the past. You may be asking, “Why? Working the database is how it has always been done?”

Five Reasons to Stop Working Your Database

  1. Your past clients do not want to be “sold to”, and calling just to “catch up” makes it seem like that is your only purpose for contacting them.
  2. Calling or emailing without purpose will eventually lead your clients to start tuning you out and blocking your calls.
  3. Reaching out according to your own schedule does not mean that you are reaching out to clients when they need you. It defeats the purpose of adding value.
  4. It is not fun and it will make your job less enjoyable.
  5. Finally, it is not scalable. The amount of manual effort and time needed is unrealistic when you have got a growing business.

The most important of those five is scalability. The inability to scale will directly limit how big your business can get.

The Answer: Meet CANDID

The Modern Loan Originators CRM of Choice.

CANDID is your personal pipeline manager. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it keeps your team on the same page by automating daily tasks and your referral partners and clients in the loop using cross-channel communication.

Six months after closing and beyond, CANDID analyzes your entire client database daily using multi-layered, patent-pending algorithms to identify and engage your clients about their specific refinance opportunities. “Is it time to consolidate your credit card debt using the growing equity in your home?” This is exactly the text and email message your clients will receive from CANDID.

You will not lose your personal touch either. CANDID will also send automated, handwritten birthday cards to your clients which remind them that you are there for them in a fun familiar way. Automated home value celebrations also remind your clients about their home equity options.

In short, no more night calls. No more wasting your time with decades-old sales tactics. Let CANDID’s automation work your database for you.

  • Garrett Locklear, $200 million/year LO